Displaced Yankee Chick in Texas

This blog chronicles my life as a displaced Yankee chick in Texas. I'm from the NY/NJ/PA area and quit my job 1.5 years ago to move to TX with DH and become a SAHM to our 3 kids (2 DDs and 1 DS). **Please note that names have been changed to protect the innocent.**

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We're on our way...

to help a friend and save the day. We're not too big and we're not too tough, but when we work together we've got the right stuff. Go Wonder Pets! YAY!

The kids went trick or treating as the Wonder Pets for Halloween today. I spent last Saturday morning sewing A's Linny the guinea pig costume from some faux fur and was quite proud of how it came out. And this being Texas, one never knows what the weather will be for Halloween. Last year it was rainy and cool. This year, it was a steambath. When we took the kids out tonight, it had to be nearly 80 degrees with 80% humidity. Gross! Needless to say, he didn't wear it. I had imagined that it would be cool tonight, so I had purchased pajamas that would coordinate with the kids' costumes. So A's costume wound up being his camoflage pajamas as a stand in for the fur costume. For those who had no clue who the Wonder Pets are, A became "Camo Boy" and B was "Tuck the Ninja Turtle", S was just a cute duckling.

I'm proud of how their costumes came together; DH and I think they were darn cute. If only A had cooperated for pictures, so I could better show them off...

At least the costume search is finished for next year -- I've already got the Monsters Inc. costumes waiting for them!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Recent Highs and Lows

Biggest low: gas prices here. I just paid $1.989 for gas! Yippee!

Next biggest low: I'm working on a full week of being sick. It had been sinus congestion but now it is becoming an upper respiratory infection or bronchitis. Great.

And the next: a friend was in town last week visiting family and we had hoped to get together. However, her kids were getting over being sick, and with me as ill as I was, we didn't get a chance to see each other. I'm bummed.

Highs: I finished sewing A's Halloween costume yesterday morning. Now all I have to do is cut out the Wonder Pets logos and iron them on to the kids' capes. My three kids are going as the Wonder Pets. B is Tuck the turtle, S is Ming Ming duckling, and A will be Linny the guinea pig. That is, if he keeps his costume on. Hope it doesn't rain like it did last year on Halloween.

Another high: I'm manic about getting this house in order. Even with being as sick as I am, I'm working to get the darn place in some kind of order. The workmen who repaired our water damage moved all the crap around in our bedroom, so I have no idea where anything is. I'm on a mission to get it all unpacked, sorted and put away. Meanwhile, I also need to get the boxes out of our one coat closet, because they are blocking the "Texas basement" (storage under the stairs). That is where I hope to stash the wrapped Christmas presents.

Just one more (possible) high: I hope to get some time this week to post again to my old mommy board. I've been laying low for over a month since some ugly stuff went down and I hope that they'll allow me to return.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So sad

A 16 yr old boy was shot and killed at a local high school today. There are conflicting reports, but it sounds like it was a suicide, since there was a note. How terribly sad. I pray for him, his family, friends and schoolmates.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Wish us luck!

We're about to reformat our computer. Hope we do it right!

Edited to note that the damn thing wouldn't let us reformat the hard drive. Must attempt to uninstall a service pack and then see where that takes us. Meanwhile, I really can't not have internet access, since I am responsible for preparing the elementary school's newsletter, and most of the work is done via emails. Maybe next week...