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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Feis success!

Last weekend we took the family to San Antonio for an Irish dance competition (called a feis -- rhymes with "fresh"). Miss B competed for the first time in a two-hand, which is what two dancers dancing together is called, with a girl from the next development over.

I took Miss B to Miss S's house Thursday night to practice and the girls did a great job. Miss B is a natural when it comes to dancing in time to the music and Miss S has perfect posture and toe points. Miss S's mom and I spent the evening chatting away while the girls practiced and then played together. I was shocked when I discovered we were still there at 9:40 pm!

The team dances were scheduled to be held first thing Saturday morning. Miss B and I rushed down to the lobby level by taking the service elevator, which was conveniently located just outside our door. We arrived at the first floor and didn't know where to go, since we were deep inside the hotel's inner workings. A wonderful man named Frank, originally from Brooklyn (YAY!) helped direct us to the guest-only area of the hotel. Miss B loved that Mr. Frank was from Brooklyn like me and she made a point to say hi to him whenever she saw him. LOL! Why, you may wonder, did we rush and take the service elevator? Because we learned the hard way that in the 30 minutes leading up to the start of a feis, the elevators become packed and you cannot get on one or you end up waiting FOREVER for one to get to your floor. We even found one hotel where there were no public stairs from the 2nd floor to the lobby (I thought I'd outsmarted all the other feis people at that hotel).

So Miss B and Miss S performed their two hand and were one of two teams competing in their age group. We were delighted to learn that they took first place. Miss B's first dancing medal was a FIRST PLACE!!! She took third place in two of the jigs later that morning, and took another second for Irish soda bread. Not too shabby. And I was surprised about the soda bread medal since I was about a half cup of flour short, so I'm suspecting it wasn't the best bread the judge had ever tasted. LOL!

Miss B was on cloud 9 all day long and enjoyed wearing her medals. Now that she has tasted dancing success, we've got to get her practicing more so she can move up from Beginner to Advanced Beginner.


At 10/13/2008 9:03 AM, Blogger Tink said...

I love Irish dancing. Every year, when Hoop and I go to the Celtic games, it's our favorite competition to watch. Simply beautiful.


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