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This blog chronicles my life as a displaced Yankee chick in Texas. I'm from the NY/NJ/PA area and quit my job 1.5 years ago to move to TX with DH and become a SAHM to our 3 kids (2 DDs and 1 DS). **Please note that names have been changed to protect the innocent.**

Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007: The year in review

Hmmm, let's see what happened this year...

I was in a terrible funk at the beginning of the year. Part of it was coming down from the high of having my parents visit for a week at Christmas, and part of it was that I was still reeling from the big blowup a bunch of my friends and I were involved in. It didn't matter that I had a wall full of Christmas cards to remind me of all the people who cared for me however. I couldn't sleep and was miserable. I ultimately sought help from my physician who prescribed an antidepressant. Between getting it off my chest and telling DH that I needed help, and getting meds, things improved. It's been nearly a year and I feel much more normal. If things go well in 2008, I'll look into weaning myself off the meds.

In late January DH's grandmother had a heart attack. DH happened to be in FL on business at the time, so he went to see her when his meetings ended. The cardiologist told DH and SIL that Gran had about 6 months left. In February we flew the family to NJ so that DH and I could attend my 21st HS reunion (it was a year late). We had a great time, and I think I spoke to every classmate who was there. In fact, that was one thing I promised myself that I'd do, since I pretty much hung out with all my old clique at our 10th. Before we flew home, we all got to play on the ice covered snow at my parents' house. It was nice to see, but I was glad I didn't have to see more of it. LOL!

Later in February we flew the family to FL to have our potentially last visit with Gran. We spent a weekend in a 2BR trailer in a 55+ community. Let's just say that the kids were as good as they could be for being as bored as they were. At least B and I learned how to knit and purl from Gran.

My parents visited again in early March so they could watch the kids while DH and I got to enjoy a trip to Puerto Rico. DH had earned the trip because he had achieved 100% of his 2006 sales plan. The resort was wonderful, as was the food. It was sheer heaven being able to sunbathe and relax in a paradise. DH enjoyed the casino and the free drinks within it a bit too much. And we both enjoyed a few too many "Ziggie Zaggies" (the resort's drink) poolside.

We got to enjoy a visit from DH's sister and BIL and their two sons, R and M in June. The visit fell over B and R's birthdays, plus nearly everyone else's birthdays are also in June (the girls turned 7 and 4), so we did a LOT of celebrating (did I mention DH turned *cough* 40?!). Unfortunately, we also received some bad news during their visit. DH and SIL's grandmother passed away -- on the day before B's birthday. We flew up to Providence to attend the wake and funeral. As wonderful as it was to see DH's family, we hated that it was under such sad circumstances. That unplanned trip took up our vacation budget so we were not able to visit our families during the summer.

Miss B and I took a trip in July to Brenham, in the Hill Country, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Blue Bell Creamery. They had a free all the ice cream you can eat 3-day celebration. Let's just say that B and I tasted nearly every single flavor of ice cream that day. Urgh! DH and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this July and we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Outback Steakhouse with the kids to commemorate it. Thanks to Auntie Harriet for treating us -- she sent us the gift card we used that night.

My parent visited again for a quick visit in August; I was glad they could come down close to my birthday. Along with everyone else in this area, we celebrated the start of school in LATE August. This was the LONGEST summer on record here because the schools started 2 weeks later than they used to. And along with school came the beginning of Brownies. I'm the leader of B's troop this year. I need to learn how to get control of 8-12 first graders. LOL!

We celebrated A's 3rd birthday with a visit from my best friend. Amy had been in TX on business and extended her trip so she could spend a weekend with us. We had a great time hanging out and drinking margaritas and talking and drinking margaritas, and catching up. And did I mention drinking margaritas? LOL!

I spent 4 weeks at a horrible temp job. It started out nicely, but the person who was supposed to train me apparently felt threatened by me. Thus, she spent most of her time showing me everything once and expecting me to immediately be able to duplicate it. And then they managed to forget to tell me all the steps involved in the tasks I was to complete. And my co-worker wasn't the most pleasant person in the world. Needless to say, I was and wasn't surprised when I was let go. I wasn't sorry, but I was annoyed that it had ruined my perfect record. I had finally been fired from a job. Oh well. I'm stubborn enough that I would have stuck it out rather than quit, no matter how miserable I was, so they did me a favor.

The kids and I enjoyed Halloween without DH, who had to go away on business that week. The kids were Sulley, Mike and Boo from Monsters Inc. And we already have an idea of what they'll be for next year.

This fall the girls began their Irish dancing lessons in earnest. B will start competing next week, and S has a way to go before she will learn the steps to her first dance. I think B enjoys it, but she's not terribly competitive, so nothing makes her want to practice in order to earn medals and trophies.

FIL came to visit for Thanksgiving; we went to eat at my cousin's. This was her first holiday in her new house. Right after Thanksgiving I got the call about the job I now have. I am LOVING this job and I hope it will become a permanent one for me. DH and I missed the company's Christmas party due to A's mishap and trip to the ER. I do hope there will be next year...

Christmas has come and gone so quickly. Like most people I've spoken to, I have had little holiday spirit. My house is usually decorated over Thanksgiving weekend. This year it was mid-December, and I put up less than half of what I normally do. The kids got most of what they wanted. The least wanted thing we got were colds -- DH and I had the sniffles, B had a slight case of the sniffles, S had an ear infection and A trumped us all with bronchitis.

We plan on visiting Space Center Houston to see the Star Wars Light Saber exhibit tomorrow. That'll help send our year out with a bang.

We've managed to make it 10 years, and I've recently learned that two of my friends' marriages have ended this year. However, we've also had friends and family grow their families by two feet this year, so the good news helps temper the bad.

Wishing all of you a safe, happy and healthy 2008!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

CTTS (cute things they say)

Here's one that I'm not sure will make it into A's scrapbook -- if I ever finish it:

A few weeks ago we were playing outside and A was collecting pine cones with me. I was trying to find some good ones that I could use at Miss B's Brownie meetings. You can make a bird feeder out of a pine cone, peanut butter and bird seed.

Later that night, I was standing in the bathroom doorway while A pooped. He pushed one out, looked in the toilet and said, "pinecone!" Then he proudly showed me his poop, which did indeed resemble a pine cone.

Who knew the boy was so talented?!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

So this is what happened to my boy...

Last night was my company's Christmas party at a nice restaurant in a fancy downtown area of Houston. I had gotten the girl next door to babysit the kids for us. She's a kid at heart and loves to play and the kids adore her. DH and I were excited and looking forward to a nice dinner out (the entree choices were rack of lamb, Chilean sea bass or filet mignon -- yum!).

We were about a block away from the restaurant when DH's cell phone rang. He saw it was a call from our house so he immediately called back. The babysitter told him that B and A were running around the family room and kitchen and she pushed him. He fell into the corner of the bar and split his forehead open. She said it was deep and would need stitches. So we turned around and headed immediately home.

I called the restaurant and asked to leave a message with the president of the company I work for saying that we had had an emergency and would be unable to attend. Then I emailed my boss and the president from DH's blackberry explaining the emergency.

When we arrived home, our babysitter and her mom were here. A was sitting in the mom's lap and he was so calm. We looked at the gash and I felt sick to my stomach. It was really deep and would definitely require stitches. And it would take a lot more than the 4 stitches A got when he split his eyebrow open the day before his first birthday.

Before leaving the house, DH grabbed a piece of pizza (we had ordered pizza for the kids to eat). I figured we'd be in and out so quick that we could head back to the restaurant for the entree or dessert course. However, we quickly learned that was not going to be the case. The ER waiting room was packed and when we registered, we were told there was a 2-3 hour wait.

A finally fell asleep on my lap just after I sent DH out to get me some dinner (at 9:30pm; we arrived there before 8). So instead of rack of lamb I had a Sonic chili cheeseburger for dinner. Instead of a whiskey sour at the cocktail hour I had a limeade. Oh well. A napped quite a lot while we waited to be seen. It was after midnight before we finally headed in to the triage area. From there we were immediately escorted to an ER room where he again fell asleep.

I had warned the paramedic and LPN that he needed to be in a papoose for his last stitches. They said they would be able to deal with him. They stood him up and put his arms in a pillowcase behind his back; it looked like he was wearing a cape. Then they swaddled him in a sheet and lay him on the bed. He fell immediately back to sleep. He was completely fine until the LPN put the drape over his face. Then A lost it, yelling that he couldn't see. The paramedic had to really hold his head still, while DH held his torso and I held his legs down. He fought every single stitch. And he yelled during every single stitch. All fifteen of them. He got four internal stitches and eleven surface stitches.

Once they were finished, A gave us both big hugs. The poor paramedic shook his arms to get the blood flowing in them again, and we overheard the LPN say, "I need a 10 minute break after that!" That's my boy.

We arrived home after 5 hours in the ER (and 6 hours from the time he fell) and spoke to the babysitter who was still very apologetic. I feel so badly for her. We know it was not her fault. Our kids know that we do not allow running in the house for this very reason; perhaps now they'll listen to us... HA! The babysitter actually asked, "Are you sure?" when I went to pay her. I hope she'll sit for us again. Heck, she did everything right. She called us and got her mom to help her out before we got home. It makes me feel even more comfortable having her watch the kids, in fact.