Displaced Yankee Chick in Texas

This blog chronicles my life as a displaced Yankee chick in Texas. I'm from the NY/NJ/PA area and quit my job 1.5 years ago to move to TX with DH and become a SAHM to our 3 kids (2 DDs and 1 DS). **Please note that names have been changed to protect the innocent.**

Sunday, February 04, 2007

And for a repeat of last February...

DH awoke yesterday feeling rather ill. And I thought back to when he was sick last February -- he was sick for the ENTIRE month!! So he comes out of our bedroom later in the day and mentions to me that it was in fact a year to the day from when he got sick. Unbelievable. We've agreed that he's going to be seen by our doctor as soon as he can tomorrow. Neither of us wants a repeat of last year, especially when he has a new boss this year. I'd also like him to get better because we're going to my HS reunion in two weeks. And the weekend after that we are flying to FL to visit his father and grandmother.

We're really worried about granny's health since her heart attack a few weeks ago. She saw her cardiologist Friday and he took her off the meds that she was put on following the heart attack and he also doubled her L*six dosage. When DH spoke to her Friday afternoon he said she sounded terrible, just like she did following her bypass surgery when her BP was very low from the meds she was taking. We're hoping she improves or at least regains the will to live, at least until we get down there. Ugh. If you're so inclined, please say a prayer for her. Thanks!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Little Darlings

I had put the younger two in their rooms for naps, but they didn't want to nap or rest; they wanted to play. I figured that would be OK if they played in their own rooms. However, A went into his sister's room and started playing. Probably ten minutes later I decided to end the party and get them back to their beds.

What did I discover when I got to her room? She ran out of her vanity area and jumped on her bed. He was sitting on the vanity, with the cold water on full blast with the drain closed. The worst part about this house is that only the powder room sink has overflow drains in the sink. Water was pouring over the side of the vanity and onto the floor, through the door to her closet and the door to the toilet and tub room, and finally to B's vanity room and closet.

I may be on antidepressants that are rumored to provide a "don't give a sh*t" attitude, but, oh boy, did I care. I'm certain that people within a five mile radius of our house could hear me yelling and screaming at the kids that they don't play with water without Mommy or Daddy there. I used all the towels in the girl's linen closet plus half a dozen beach towels to dry up the spill.

He's currently asleep in his highchair and she's strapped in her booster and there they will sit until I decide that their time out has ended. Me? I'm tucked away in my bedroom at 2:30pm wondering if it is too early for a drink.